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How to Contact Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PMO of India

Narendra Modi is  one of the most adored prime minister among the earlier Prime Ministers of India who has won 16th Lok Sabha election with very high majority. In very short duration of time he succeeded to make his existence in the hearts of many people of India and other parts of the world. Hopes of many people have come alive and many people wants him to listen and know their thoughts and feelings. Being a very good communicator and, for the purpose of making and maintaining connection with the mass public, he has opened various ways to make desired people communicate with him through online and offline methods.

To enhance the democracy and make it function properly he has opened the various ways to provide accountability. Many of us have some suggestion, queries and questions regarding our nation, rights, problems and many more issues. In that case, we desire to talk and make government inform about them. There are many options available for the people to contact PMO or Prime Minister Narendra Modi and they are clearly explained below to make you easier to contact.

Narendra Modi

  1. Write a Letter or Make a Call or Fax:

-You can write a letter or call to PM Narendra Modi regarding your issue to the Official Address of Prime Minister which is,

Web Information Manager

South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi, Pin No. 110011

Phone No. 0091-11-23012312

-You can also do Fax to the number 0091-11-23019545 or 0091-11-23016857, or you can mention “Honorable Prime Minister of India, 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi”. Many reports says that he receives more than 2500 letters a day from all over India and he has replied to many letters those which were really important.

  1. Write RTI (Right to Information) to PMO India:

-As per the RTI Act, 2005, you can write to PMO India for any of your doubt, question or information (not confidential one) by payment of fees of Rs.10. The payment may be done in Cash deposit with the Cashier, Demand Draft or Postal Order in the name of “Section Officer, Prime Minister Office” payable at Delhi or Bankers’ Cheque.

-If a person belongs to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) group then he need not pay any application fees, but he should submit Valid Proof issued to being under BPL Category.

  1. Contact via Official Website of PM Narendra Modi:

-For any queries and questions, suggestion you can directly contact PM Narendra Modi via their Official Website which is designed by the highly-qualified staff with an easy interface to make the interaction of the people easier.

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-All you need to do is open the official website and register yourself there with your e-mail id. After signing up there you can login by your username or e-mail id and the start interaction with PM Narendra Modi.

  1. Connect via Portal:

-This portal is specially designed for sharing suggestion, ideas and queries section to enhance good governance in India by interacting with PM Narendra Modi. You need to go to the site and register yourself there using your e-mail id and login to be the part of good governance.

-This portal is very popular in terms of public involvement as PM Narendra has taken up many feedback and suggestions of people and worked in them to enhance the governance system of India.

  1. ‘Narendra Modi/NaMo’ and ‘PMO’ Mobile Application:

-To make the communication easier, mobile application is developed by the technical team of PM Narendra Modi in Android, Windows and iOS phones. You can download the App to your mobile phone and get recent news and updates relating Narendra Modi’s works, Read the blogs of PM Narendra Modi and many more.

-Besides information, you can also get direct e-mails and messages directly from PM Narendra Modi regarding your suggestion and feedback or any issues.

  1. By Mailing to PM Narendra Modi:

-Though official mail id of PM Narendra Modi is not mentioned in anywhere, but one mail id has been found in the Android App which is ‘[email protected]’ where you can mail your queries and more issues directly to him.

-Though this channel is not widely used and confirmed, still you can try it out for making the contact with PM Narendra Modi. As soon as the official email id is published it will be updated.

  1. Tweet @ PMO India or Narendra Modi:

-You can also connect and contact with PM Narendra Modi through Twitter. You can tweet to his page @Narendramodi or @PMOIndia regarding your issue. He has currently more than 17 Million followers in the Twitter.

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-You can also subscribe to the mobile tweets which you will receive as a SMS on phone. For subscription of tweets, just miss call on 011-3006-3006 and its done, you will receive NaMo’s Tweets.

  1. Contact on Instagram or LinkedIn:

-You can also contact PM Narendra Modi via professional site ‘LinkedIn’ for any of your request or suggestion. The LinkedIn page can be followed from the link

-He has recently joined Instagram also where you can see the pics of his works done along with the updates written. The Instagram page link goes like

  1. Post on Facebook Page:

-This is probably most easy for us to connect via Facebook as most of us have our Facebook Account. You can just like and follow the Facebook page ‘Narendra Modi’ or go to the link and post your queries and suggestions in the comment box of the page.

  1. Contact via YouTube Channel and Other Social Media:

-You can contact PM Narendra Modi via other different social media including YouTube channel. The links of different social media are mentioned below:

-These are some of the additional social media where you can connect with Narendra Modi following the links above.

These are some of the ways to contact PMO or Narendra Modi regarding any of your issue. This article will definitely make you easy to connect and make contact with PMO or Narendra Modi as links of most of the websites and page have been included here. You can click on them directly and register yourself to give your suggestion and feedback.

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