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How to Check the Purity of Drinking Water at Home

In the current time, bottled water is readily available everywhere. A major group of individuals is suspicious about tap water coming in the kitchen. Drinking bottled water is comparatively costlier than drinking tap water. The root cause of various diseases in a human body is due to drinking of contaminated water. Therefore, it is the prime concern to check the purity of water you drink whether it is safe for the drink or not. Generally, various contaminants found in the water like copper, mercury, microorganisms, fertilizers, disinfectants etc. There are many ways to test the purity of water like using the test kit, the result of water supplier and by a professional laboratory.

Here are the guidelines to test the purity of water at home.

How to Check the Purity of Drinking Water at Home

Method 1: Test by Yourself

Following are the steps to check the purity of water at home:

  • Firstly, you need to fill a clear and clean glass of water from your tap.
  • Hold the glass fill of tap water in the light. Check it whether it is clear or cloudy. You also need to check whether particles are floating in the water or settling down at the bottom of the glass.
  • If there is anything except clear colorless less liquid then it means water is contaminated.
  • You can also test the water by the smell it. If it has smell any type of odor like rotten eggs, polish, paint etc. this indicates the presence of organic solvents, chlorine and another type of contamination in water.

Method 2: Test by Water Purity Test Kit

Buy water purity test kit available at the reasonable price from any store or via online. The water purity test using test kit measures the nitrates, chlorine, minerals (such as copper, lead, iron etc) and also the hardness of water. The result from test kit is more accurate as compared to looking and smelling the water.

  • Firstly, dip the test stripes in tap water.
  • Test strip comes with a chart help you to read about the test result.
  • It will determine what contaminations are present in your water and also the level of each contamination.
  • Moreover, it also tells that drinking this contaminated water is safe for drinking or not.
  • Based on the result of water Purity test kit, you can select purifier/filtering system for your home
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Method 3: Results from the Water Supplier

  • For this, you need to call the respective water supplier to check whether they test the purity of water at regular interval of time or not.
  • Test result comes with a guide which helps you to read about the test result.
  • On the basis of the result from water supplier, you can determine which type of purifier you require getting safe drinking water at home.


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