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How to Check the Purity of Diamond – Follow These Easy Steps

Diamonds replicate the feelings of a person’s soul and are also known as the girl’s best friend. They are also assumed to have godly powers. There are no marriages of any caste or religion that are expected to happen without their existence. Generally, a wedding ring is made up of diamond and the diamonds which are embossed in the Platinum metal is the newest fashion.

The basic designs of the diamonds are usually Italian or Indian, but the designing, finishing as well as the metal used are completely American. Diamonds are also very costly to purchase and every person cannot afford to purchase the jewelry equipped totally with diamonds. So, when you are spending so much of your valuable and hard earning money in buying it, then you must be assured that whether it is pure or not.

Procedure of checking the purity of diamonds

Procedure of checking the purity of diamonds

In order to check the purity of the diamonds, there are basically four methods through which you can verify its originality. The below are the 4 ways of checking the diamond’s purity:

1. Carat

By checking the carat of the diamond, you can verify its purity to some extent. A carat is the weight of the diamond and 1 carat is equal to the 200 mg. The large sizes of diamonds are very rare and also quite costly to buy. So, you can check the cart of the diamond at some diamond jewelry shop easily.

2. Clarity

Clearness or clarity varies in each type of diamonds. There is a scale for measuring the clarity which ranges from F to I. If the clarity is more, then the price of the diamond will be high and the purity meter also rises up. Clarity essentially denotes to the inner and exterior deficiencies of the diamond and how much clear it is in reality.

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3. Colour

Diamonds also differ in Colours. However, the most famous are the white color diamonds which is the purest. There is also a scale for measuring the range of colors which varies from D to Z. If the diamond belongs to the D-type then it will be more is more costly and there will be fewer chances of impurity in such type of diamonds. Besides white color, other colors might include green, blue, orange yellow, as well as rare red colors. In these colorful diamonds, the purity is little difficult to check.

4. Laboratory testing

You can also check the purity of the diamonds in the laboratory under the guidance of professionals or experts. These labs issued a certificate along with the report regarding the pureness of the diamonds through which you can verify the status of your diamond’s clarity.

5. Place the diamond on newspaper

There is one more technique through which you can check the diamond’s purity. In this process, you have to place the diamond onto a newspaper or any other written text. The genuine diamonds will refract the light so far that you would not be able to see any streaks, loops or full letters approaching through. However, if a diamond has shallow cut then it might yield indecisive results.

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