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How to check purity of Shilajit – Some Easy Steps

Shilajit is a natural material or mineral which is found beneath or nearby the rocks of Himalaya. This substance has also got a lot of healing properties and numerous of the companies are making diverse forms of things from it. Since Shilajit has turn out to be quite famous and common globally, it is truly very important to identify that how to check the purity of shilajit. Shilajit is comprised of fulvic acids which have the ability to create chelating composites with dense metals. Fulvic acids are dibasic having less molecular weight along with the two hydrogen ions.

You can easily find the Shilajit in the market but it becomes very difficult to identify the purity of it due to the presence of fake products. These fake products do not contain any natural elements but instead of that, it comprises of fillers, chemicals, artificial and preservatives. These forged products have very bad impact on the bodies of the human. Now, you will be wondering that how can you check the purity of the Shilajit on your own? So, below we are providing you few steps through which you can check the original product.

Procedure to check the Purity of Shilajit

The Shilajit which you purchase from the market at high cost does not offer any kind of assurance that it is manufactured from the original product or not. Hence, in order to check the purity of shilajit, the following are few tests which you can perform at your home:

Dissolution test

How to check purity of Shilajit

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This is a simple test which can be done to check the ingenuity of the shilajit product. Shilajit is entirely solvable in plain or warm water. Its particles get dissolved rapidly and the water converts into the golden black color immediately. However, if it does not get dissolved fully, then it is assured that this is not an original and pure shilajit.

Alcohol test

A pure shilajit is solvable in water but it cannot be dissolved in any kind of alcohol like vodka. As soon as the shilajit is added in the alcohol, it turns into lumpy. This particular test is perfect for checking the purity of the Shilajit.

Absorption of metals

Shilajit possesses the capability to absorb the heavy metals such as mercury. Once the mercury is mixed with the powder of shilajit, it begins breaking and after the certain time, it totally gets mixed with the Shilajit powder.


Shilajit has a quite low melting point i.e. it can be liquefied effortlessly. After melting, it becomes a sticky paste. However, if you kept it in a refrigerator at the freezing point, then it will become rock solid and very rigid. Besides this, if you crash it with a hammer, then it will get crushed like a glass. On the other hand, you must be sure to preserve the Shilajit in plastic bags with the purpose of preventing any needless loss of such a valuable substance.


This product does not get burn like a light or a candle. If Shilajit is heated with the help of a small torch, then it will lead to the creation of effervesce that will also convert into the ash later. But, it will not burn at all. So, if your Shilajit produces any smoke then it is not a pure product for sure completely.

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Taste the Shilajit

This is difficult to do as you may not have the correct knowledge about the taste of Shilajit. If the product is pure then it will taste just like a black coffee. On the other hand, if the flavor differs from that of a black coffee, then it is unquestionably an impure Shilajit material.

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