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How to Check HDFC Bank Account Balance via SMS?

It is a normal notion in India that private banks perform offer better services as compared to the government banks like providing more ease to customers. Private Banks are recognized for doing hard work so that they can offer more and more satisfaction to their clients. In the banking sector, so many private companies have also entered and one of the most famous and big name is Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC). The headquarters of HDFC is situated in Mumbai, India.  It is the second largest bank in India. HDFC is well-known for offering high-end comfortable facilities to its clients.

One of the latest services that are launched by this private bank is checking of bank account balance via SMS (Short Message Service). In today’s fast moving world, every company is trying to get innovative ideas so that the maximum comfort can be offered to their customers. By providing the bank account balance through SMS it becomes quite stress-free for the customers as he/she does not have to visit the bank just for this small work.

Check HDFC Bank Account Balance via SMS

Process of checking HDFC Bank Account Balance via SMS

Under this process, you just have to send an SMS from your registered mobile phone to the number issued by the bank. There are various options through which you can register your mobile number with your bank account. So, the following are the steps related to this process:

  • First of all, you have to link your mobile number with your HDFC bank account by visiting the bank or through the online website of the bank.
  • Next step is to link your mobile number by clicking on the SMS Registration option in the online banking page of the bank’s website. Here, you just have to fill the requested details in order to complete the procedure.
  • You may also link your mobile number through the ATM (automated teller machine) also. Here, you have to follow the steps that are being displayed on the touch-screen of ATM.
  • You might also visit your nearby HDFC branch physically. Here you will get an application form after filling which you can link your mobile number to your personal HDFC account.
  • As soon as your mobile number gets registered, you just have to send the word “BAL” to the number 5676712. In return of which, you will get the information about your Account balance via SMS in few seconds.
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