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How to Celebrate Karva Chauth

Hindu culture is bestowed with multiple festivals and occasions of celebration that holds a dear resemblance to the enthusiasts. These festivals are often revered around and has found its value even in this fast-paced modern society. Guess, tradition never phases out. So off we went to unearth ardent facts about these festivals and have rightly smeared with an entrant into one such festival ‘Karva Chauth’. Read along for the tidbits around it.

An erstwhile festival in the Hindu mythology, this one has celebrated all along in the Northern parts of India. Primarily a traditional one-day festival celebrated by married women to safeguard the husband’s longevity of life, this one is beckoned by many. However, the trends changing quite a bit with unmarried ones joining in the fast for their fiancés or desired husbands.

The festival is majorly celebrated in the regions like Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and some parts of Uttar Pradesh along with Punjab. It falls on the fourth day after the full moon, in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. 2016 Karva Chauth date – 2016 Date: October 19, 2016


Meaning & Origin of the Karva Chauth

Unearthing the facts about the festival, we found out that the name ‘Karva Chauth has a deeper meaning than envisioned. The word Karva means ‘pot’ while the word Chauth means ‘fourth’ which reckons the fact that the festival falls on the fourth of dark fortnight in the month of Kartik.

The festival is said to have originated when the wives of Hindu men who went into military campaigns against the Mughal invaders joined in with special meals and finest regalia before the day the men went to war in a bid to commemorate the moment.

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Rituals along with How to Celebrate Karva Chauth

Begin your prep a few days in advance

  • As Karva Chauth is marked with cosmetics, adornments, Karva lamps, plates, and make-ups, you can prep yourself a few days in advance by getting these of the local shops or markets.
  • Avoid hurrying around by getting all the needed essentials few days beforehand.

Start your day early on Karva Chauth

  • There’s plenty to dwell upon on the day of the festival.
  • It’s better advised to wake up early in the morning before sunrise and have something to eat upon.
  • The pre-sunrise meal is marked by the localities as Punjabi’s have sargi while the ones in Uttar Pradesh have soot feni with milk and sugar the night in advance. 

Know that the festival starts right from the break of dawn

  • The festival begins as soon as the dawn breaks in for sunrise.
  • You are going to be devoid of food or water for the whole day which is quite a monumental task in itself.
  • But hey’ you won’t be doing any household chores, will you? That’s some good news.

Join in with the community and mark the occasion

  • Engage yourself with other women in the community and enjoy a playful time around.
  • You can try painting Henna or Mehndi on each other’s hand, which is a tradition in itself followed by rituals at your or someone else’s place associated with the puja.

Get your better half involved in

  • Even though the festival is markedly tight lipped towards women, you can ask your partner to join in the act.
  • As the festival is a mark of the eternal bond between husband and wife, husbands usually are pumped up and shower their better half with gifts and privileges.
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The rising of the moon

  • The moment that all women bestowed with the festival will be dearly waiting for, the rising of the moon.
  • The custom goes along that the wife views the reflection of the moon through a sieve and offers water to the moon to secure the blessings.
  • She then proceeds to do the same with her husband and seeks his reflection through the sieve.
  • With a few prayers for the longevity of the husband’s life, she spiritually strengthens the moment.
  • At this moment, the husband offers wife her first sip of water and feeds her with the first The morsel is usually something sweet.
  • The fast then commands as broken and the wife can proceed along with a complete meal.

Precautionary Measures  

  • As the festival is marked with a day’s long fast, it is ill-advised to devour too much once the fast is over to help the body accustomise to the moment.
  • It is advised to get plenty of liquid options along with healthy foods after breaking off the fast.
  • Moreover, if there’s any medical related persistence, it’s better to skip the fast than letting your body on the harm.
  • Don’t turn up for exercise during the period of fast as the best option is to take rest and participate in rituals along with the community women and better half.

That’s all from us. Let us know your views on this one via the comment box down below.




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