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How to Apply or Process for Duplicate RC for Bike, Car in Delhi NCR

Any vehicle we drive is registered with the competent authority i.e. Transportation Department of our local or zonal area. Some of the dealers are also given the power for registration of vehicles. Different formalities should be fulfilled and forms and attested documents should be submitted along with the registration fees to get our vehicle registered. After fulfilling the formalities, the certificate is issued to the owner of the vehicle. But sometimes we lost or misplace the RC, well, in that case, we cannot continue without RC. We have to apply for the duplicate copy of RC.

So, I come here to put in light about the process, eligibility, documentation along with the fees and other criteria that are to be fulfilled to get the duplicate RC for Bike and Car in Delhi, NCR.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

-Only the owner of the vehicle is eligible to apply for the issue of a registration certificate for cars and bikes along with the copy of the FIR made in the Police Station falling within the coverage where the RC was lost or misplaced.

Initial steps to be taken after the loss or misplacement of RC:

-Lodge a complaint in the police station of the jurisdiction where your RC book has been lost or misplaced.

-Download the Form 26 from the Official Site of the Transport Department to make an application.

-Get the details about the vehicle whether it is covered in the Finance Lease or Hypothecation or Hire-Purchase and get the signature of the Financer in Form 26.

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-Move forward for applying to the Transport Authority for the duplicate copy of RC under that jurisdiction only where your vehicle was registered earlier.

Details about the Vehicle and the Owner Required:

Some of the details of the owner and the vehicle are to be kept ready and noted that will be helpful during the procedure and application. They are mentioned below:

-Full Name, Permanent and Temporary Address of the owner of the vehicle

-Registration number of vehicles

-Full Details of Vehicle

-Date and Place of the theft or loss of RC book

Procedure for Application:

-First of all, download the form 26 from the website of RC department and fill the required information in the form.

-Obtain the signature from the Financer in form 26 in case it is covered by Finance, Lease or Hire Purchase.

-Submit the filled application and a copy of RC accompanied with the copy of FIR lodged with the police to the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) or Motor Vehicle Inspector in whose dominion the vehicle falls.

Documents to be submitted to the Authority:

-FIR in case the RC was lost or Original Copy if RC is damaged

-No Objection Certificate from Financer in case vehicle was in lease

-Lawful Pollution under Control Certificate

-Tax payment details of last four quarters along with the Tax Token

(The copies should be attested by the Gazetted Officer/Notary Public/Nigam Parishad)

Minimum Processing Time:

-The time required to issue the duplicate RC is minimum 5 days after the fulfillment of the initial procedures from Original Licensing Authority.

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