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How to apply for MHADA Lottery 2017 Online Application, Registration Details

The Housing scheme launched by MHADA with name Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority offers different housing scheme with different set of plots in Maharashtra State. At present the Housing scheme is offering 2570 Flats in the urban area of Pune and the scheme has also named 67 Plots to be allotted with names chosen through a lottery system. For a more transparent way of allotment as people complain that names in the lottery is selected as per the preference e of the officials. MHADA let the applicants apply for their dream house with the help of online registration, the registered applicants are called to a prescribed venue and the name of lucky achievers in the list is announced in the presence of the huge crowd.

The article contains thorough information about the process of online registration for the MHADA Scheme as one-time registration leads easy registration for a different housing scheme in Maharashtra. The steps marked for the process are easy and profound, as you have to submit detailed information about the applicant just in place of the pen the keyboard will work on your commands.

Step 1: Registration

How to apply for MHADA Lottery 2017 Online Application, Registration Details

Create Username: The First thing while registering yourself with MHADA includes creating your username and password. The details as username and password will allow you privacy and fasten subscribe to your homepage and will show you details about the different schemes you applied for also it will notify you about different new projects under your budget.

Fill Basic Information: In this column and the second stage after creating Username and Password needs to fill basic information. In the desired columns with mandatory mark, you need to fill details as your Name, Address, Phone number, Category, Income.

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Step 2: Online Application

Select Lottery and Scheme: After successfully submitting details in the Basic Information Section, the link will lead you to Online Application section. In this section, you need to select the desired lottery under your budget in the area you desire. There will be several choices available with area and number of flats or plots to be offered, selecting the area with the highest number of flats will be a smart choice as it maximizes your chance. Select the Lottery along with the scheme to complete one of the most important columns for selection.

Print Acknowledgment: After successfully filling all details you need to print the acknowledgment for the Lottery and Scheme, the piece of paper is very important for the further process. Acknowledgment is a surety that you have successfully chosen your scheme and lottery for the final stage of lucky draw.

Step 3: Payment

Online Payment: The mode of payment is available only through the online gateway as the final process of the registration you need to pay with Debit or Credit Card or opt for the Demand Draft to be submitted to the bank. The final payment will include all taxes and extra charges, you don’t need to pay anything else at any stage after successful Online payment.

Submit Demand Draft in Bank: If you opted for the DD payment mode, you need to pay in the bank the desired amount along with bank charges within the time limit. Once you submitted the Demand Draft in the desired period of time, the MHADA will send you successful transaction details at your registered mobile no.

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The Process of Registration is over, isn’t it simple and convenient; So all you need after registration is wait for the lucky draw to be announced. Once the date is finalized it will be notified to your registered number, wait for being the lucky one with own Flat or Plot with minimal cost.


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