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How to Apply for LPG Connection Online and Offline

Many of us don’t have knowledge about registration for LPG Connection so, to avoid the complexities of registration we contact agents to get it done and pay commission to them. In order to make you easy to know about online and offline connection of LPG, its application process and other details, I come here to mention you all the details to make you know about the registration process easy. The following procedure includes the registration procedure for the LPG connection for all the companies i.e. HP, Bharat and Indane. There may be slight difference in the procedure among these companies but the major procedure and gist remains to be the same that will definitely help you.

Offline procedure of registration and application for LPG connection

1. Initial steps that are to be taken for making offline connection

  • First of all, you need to find out and visit the local gas agency office near your locality. There is office in every area that supplies cylinder in that specific area.
  • Then after you should get an application form from the agency office and fill the form with relevant details.
  • After that, you should submit that application along with the relevant details and identity proof and address proof.
  • After verification of validity of documents and forms submitted, the agency will provide you receipt on the name mentioned on the firm and registration number attached to it.
  • Then after completing the required formalities the agency will call you to provide you the booking number.
  • You should then visit the agency office and get the booking number submitting the receipt received earlier along with the payment of price for Cylinder, Security Deposit and Regulator.

2. Eligibility for LPG Connection

  • There is not restriction for the family living in India to get LPG connection. Every family can get the LPG Connection either he belongs to rural area or urban area.
  • But, there is restriction for one family to avail more than one LPG Connection i.e. one family can get only one connection from any of the three suppliers HP, Indane or Bharat.

3. Documents required for LPG Connection

  • Proof of Identity: Proof of Identity need to be submitted along with the application form to check the identity of residential proof. Any of the following documents will be treated as the proof of identity:
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-Aadhar Card or Aadhar Number Allotment Letter

-PAN Card

-Voter Identification Card


-Any document issued as a proof of Identity (photo pasted) by the State Government

  • Proof of Address: Along with the application letter for LPG connection, proof of address also need to be submitted which may be any of the following documents:

-Flat Allotment Letter

-House Registration Papers

-Employers Certificate or Company Certificate

-Electricity Bill (Not old bill than that of three months)

-Telephone Bill (Not old bill than that of three months)

-Ration Card

-Voter Identification Card

-Aadhar Allotment Letter

4. What are the types of LPG connection?

There are two types of LPG connection available to the users according to the nature of the users. They are mentioned below:

Domestic Use-

The connection for domestic use is available for the customers which is of 14.2kg and 5kg weight. These cylinders are available for the families and personal use.

Commercial Use-

The connection for commercial or business purpose is available for the customers who wants to get it to use for Hotel, Restaurant, Industry and other business shop which is of 19kg and 47.5kg.

5. Total Charges for Connection

The charges for the connection of the LPG Gas with one cylinder along with the security deposit and other equipment are mentioned separately below:

  • Cost of security deposit of one cylinder Rs.1450 (Rs.1150 for North Eastern Sates) which is refundable when returned.
  • Cost of filling cylinder depends on the state and area which ranges from Rs.370 to Rs.480
  • Cost of regulator is Rs.150 which is refundable
  • Gas passbook cost Rs.25 and documentation charges depends from company to company
  • Besides these the cost of gas stove depends on the product and model of gas stove but it is option. You may opt it or avoid it.

6. Accessories Received at the Time of LPG Connection

At the time of connection, agency provides all kinds of accessories including the stove. The list of accessories received along with the cylinder are:

-One Regulator

-One Rubber Pipe

-One Gas Stove (Optional)

-One Certificate of Connection and Passbook

7. Rules Regarding LPG Connection

Some of the rules and limitation are set by the authority for making the connection and supply reasonable and fair among all the users. They are mentioned below-

  • Purchasing Gas Stove is not compulsory
  • Only one connection is allowed to one family
  • The record on supply and connection of LPG with them along with the record in your passbook
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Online Procedure for Registration and Application for LPG Connection

Besides offline application and registration, you can also apply for the connection online going through the official site of any of the company i.e. HP, Bharat or Indane. The procedure for application online is mentioned below:

  • Log On to the official page of the LPG company you want to apply for, and create your login id and password with your mail id.You will get a confirmation link in your mail, click on it and the account will be activated.
  • After that, login to the site using the same id and password and fill up the online form and apply for new cooking gas connection.
  • You will start from the selection of your ‘State’ and then add further details ‘District’, ‘Town’, ‘Distributor’ and proceed to ‘Next’ step.
  • Next step is very simple which requires filling of the form will general information but keep in mind to select your nearest supplier of your area. The details to be filled in the form will be like No. of Cylinders required, Size of Cylinders, Name of Consumer, Documents to be Submitted and other details as asked in the form.
  • After this, registration will be complete and you can send the scanned copy of the documents of your identity proof and address proof. Then after you can book cylinders online or directly by calling the dealer.

Notes Regarding Online Registration

  1. The price will be charged as that of offline connection charges mentioned above
  2. The documents needed to scanned for uploading is that of same needed in offline connection.
  3. The accessories, deposit, charges and rules regarding online registration are same as that of mentioned above.

Hope this article will make you know about the connection procedures, price, step and rules. You can opt any option either it be online or offline as per your convenience.

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