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How to Add a Beneficiary in Union Bank of India to Transfer Funds

Union Bank of India is quite popular among the retail and corporate users of different banking services. With improved security algorithms, the Union Bank of India has introduced an online banking facility years ago as well. To fund transfer from a UBI account to another UBI account holder, or someone holding an account with some other bank there are various different methods but adding a beneficiary to one’s account in UBI is one of the easiest methods to transfer funds from Union Bank of India.

To add a beneficiary to your Union Bank of India account, do the following.

how to add beneficiary in union bank of india

  • Using a web browser in your computer, navigate to and from the left pane, click on Retail User Login.
  • The online platform of Union Bank of India will open in a new window. The first window will show a phishing alert, click on ‘Continue to Login’ in this page.
  • Fill up the username and password boxes in the left section. There would be a virtual keyboard in the mid-section of page for secure access as well.
  • If your online account has been enrolled for 2-step verification, use your OTP in the next step.
  • From the left pane, click on IMPS. This method is used for instant payments, however you can use the NEFT/RTGS option as well.
  • Click on ‘Register Beneficiary’. A new page will ask for information like payee’s email address, mobile number, name, account number, type, bank branch and IFSC number etc.
  • If you don’t know about the IFSC number then click the option “Get IFSC” and select “Branch Name Pattern”. Here you have to give the bank branch location and select the bank name from the drop down which will come just above, then click “Get Branch” option , you will see bank branch names in that location, you have to only select the desired branch name from the list. Then click add payee.
  • Then you have to enter the Tracking ID which you will receive in your registered mobile number.
  • Click submit then you will be asked to approve the beneficiary in next screen.
  • After you done with it you can transfer funds to your beneficiary.
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After submitting the necessary information, a beneficiary will be added in the Union Bank of India online account platform.

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