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How to Add a Beneficiary in Syndicate Bank India for Funds Transfer

In this era of e-Commerce and online money making, a bank needs to adapt to the online cultures as well. Unless so, the rising online startups won’t really pick a bank as their primary financial organization. However, Syndicate Bank India has been successful in making an appearance in the online business sector. Transferring money from a personal or corporate account to another personal or corporate account using the online platform Bank of India has established few years ago is now possible without going through additional hassle. It’s just as easy as logging in, making few clicks and done!

Transfer Funds in Syndicate Bank India

To transfer funds from a Syndicate Bank account to another account in SBI or some other bank in India, using the online NEFT platform is highly recommended. NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer system.

How to Add a Beneficiary in Syndicate Bank India for Funds Transfer

Do the following –

  • Using your preferred internet browser, navigate to the following website –
  • By default, the first page inside the Syndicate Bank’s online interface is the account summary page. From the top tabs section, find ‘Payments’ and click on it.
  • Once clicked, the Beneficiary Maintenance page will be loaded.
  • Under the Transaction Type drop down menu, click on NEFT/IMPS using IFSC.
  • The page underneath will change to an information collection page. Add information like Beneficiary nickname, Payment Mode, Beneficiary Address, City, Email, Bank Account Number, IFSC code etc.
  • Click on Add. A summary page will be shown, click on ‘Confirm’.
  • The next page would ask for transaction verification password and OTP. You should have them through text message.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ and the beneficiary will be added.
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Transferring of funds is easy through the Syndicate Bank India’s online account platform. Just follow the instructions as mentioned.

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