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How to Add a Beneficiary in Bank of India to Transfer Funds

Transferring funds between two bank accounts are made easy through various online processes in Bank of India platforms. The online platform provided by Bank of India isn’t really brand new, but it certainly is a state of the art platform that enables an account holder to take the most out of Bank Fund Transfer options. Adding a beneficiary to a bank account would let one account holder to send his/her money to the other person’s bank account using a reference bank account number or simply the beneficiary’s identity if they have an account with the same bank. 

Transfer Funds by Adding Beneficiary in Bank of India Online Account

Using an online platforms, transferring funds from a Bank of India account to some other bank’s account is quite easy. Also, one may transfer money within Bank of India accounts. Although almost every bank in India supports the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) gateway now, but it’s the easiest and most effective in Bank of India accounts because Bank of India has developed the system.

  • Before you log in to your Bank of India online banking account, make sure your internet connection is safe and secure. Don’t ever use free public internet for banking transactions.
  • Using your preferred website browser, open the website link to their online banking platform.
  • Notice the username and password fields in the left section of the display. You may use your computer’s keyboard, or the virtual on-screen keyboard.
  • Once you are inside your online banking account, look for NEFT payment in the left panel.
  • Click on Add Beneficiary from the left pane and add payee details, payment amount etc.Done!
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Signing up for Bank of India estarconnect service is the major step here, the rest are quite easy.

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