Top 3 Best Honda Activa Scooty Models In 2017

Gliding down the road on a two-wheeler is quite a fun, isn’t it? India with its developing economy has been a breeding ground for two-wheelers for long. There’s plenty of motorbikes and scooters doing rounds around the nation. We thought of rounding off one such top pick of the market for our today’s piece.

Honda Activa is most certainly the top-traded piece of scooters in India. Blessed with the ergonomic design and functionality, after all, Honda specializes in these, it has duly picked up the baton of being the best piece of scooty to ride on. It has multiple variants available at present day of which we’d look to the round of the best models down below.

Join in for the ‘Honda Activa Best Model 2017’ with us down below.

3. Honda Activa i

  • Starting off our list is the entry range offering of Honda Activa designated as Activa i. It was launched back in December 2013 and shares its engine specs with other Honda offerings foresee Dio and more.
  • It has a 109.19-cc petrol engine that offers a power of 8 Bhp and torque levels of 8.74 Nm. The scooty has a 4-stroke air cooled engine and bears a fuel tank of 5.3 ltr. It offers a mileage of 66 km/ltr and has a top speed of 83 km/hr.
  • It is available in five color variants in the ilk of pearl white, purple metallic, beige metallic, red metallic and black.

Price- Rs 48,000

2. Honda Activa 3G

best scooty

  • The second one on our list is Honda Activa 3G, a subtle mid-range yet powerful offerings from Honda. This one forayed into the market in 2015 and gained quite a fanfare.
  • It has a 109.2-cc engine, similar to Activa i model and offers quite the same output as that one. It has a peak power of 8 Bhp and a max torque of 8.83 Nm. The engine is air cooled and bears 4-stroke SI functioning. Its fuel tank remains 5.3 ltr, same as of other Activa variants. The engine offers a mileage of 60 km/ltr and has a top speed of 82 km/hr.
  • It is available in five color variants as black, red metallic, blue metallic, grey metallic and pearl white.
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Price- Rs 51,000

1. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

  • The first pick for the lot is Honda’s Activa 125 which was launched back in 2014 Auto Expo. This one is a full-fledged scooty bearing an engine displacement of 124.9-cc. It has an air-cooled 4-stroke engine that offers a power of 8.6 Bhp and a max torque of 10.12 Nm.
  • The scooty has a petrol based fuel tank capacity of 5.3 ltr and offers a mileage of 60 km/ltr. It also has a top speed of 85 km/hr. It is available in four color variants to foresee black, pearl white, midnight blue and red metallic.

Price- Rs 57,000 to Rs 62,000

Well, that’s the top picks from our side. We hope to have offered you an insight into the best picks with this one. please visit for latest honda scooty model updates. Do let us know your views via the comment box down below.

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