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Hero Splendor iSmart Review: A Rider’s Bike

Splendor, in India is a name that can be seen in every middle class family home. Whenever, a common middle class man of a typical middle class family of India hear of this brand, even the sub conscious mind is filled with confidence of trust. And now this Dhak Dhak brand of India has finally launched his new bike of Splendor series that is iSmart Splendor. This bike was first into the eyes of the public during the dealer conference held at Macau in the summer of last year and was then finally launched officially in India. It is good to be late than never.


The bike all in all is a great amalgam of best in class style, technology, speed and performance, etc that makes this bike one of the best buy option for a common man of India. The bike features a brand new technology that has been officially developed by the company in its own automobile house, called the i3S. Make in India indeed.

Moreover, this bike also features a green technology that automatically shuts down the engine when it is idle and then automatically turns it on when it is required by the bike, conclusively giving more fuel efficiency in cities which are congested and in areas when the rider is jammed in traffic. This green technology is the first that is used in the Splendor iSmart which later can be introduced in other motorcycles.


Let us now talk about some more features of the bike in detail here:

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  • The bike comes at a best buy price of around Rs 57,967 as per its ex-showroom price in India.
  • The bike is equipped with a 97 cc 2 valves per cylinder single cylinder engine.
  • The bike can give you a maximum power of 8.20 bhp at a rate of 8000 rpm provided with it a handling torque of 8.05 Nm at a rate of 5000 rpm with a bore of 50 mm.
  • Talking of the fuel delivery system and other fuel related specifications, the bike has carburetor fuel delivery system for its petrol type engine having a single spark plug per cylinder.
  • Also, the bike has a 4 stroke manual gear box giving you a comfortable power to be handled even at high speeds.
  • Moreover, the bike is well equipped with a chain drive type of transmission giving a great support to its clutch and gears where the clutch is the best in class multiplate wet type.
  • Now, speaking of its suspension, the bike has a telescopic hydraulic shock absorber front suspension and a swing arm with adjustable type rear suspension.
  • After all the important features of the bike, we provide you with a weight of the bike which is 110 kg that gives this bike a top speed of 92 kmpl.

 Hero Splendor iSmart


This great bike will surely deliver you the best in the best economy along with great graphics and colors which are 4 in number, namely Red, Green, Blue and Grey, and each one of them gives the bike a distinctive and unique look that will surely attract the buyer to it and will hypnotize him to buy it.

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If you are looking for a bike which is amalgam of performance and great riding experience, then go for it. Hero is known for producing quality bikes which offer great mileage and power. All you have to do is spend some bucks and take this little beast with you. It will never fail you on Indian roads.

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