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Healer Baskar – Wiki, Speeches & Full Videos

Who is Healer Baskar?

Healer Baskar is very famous tamilian Anatomic therapist who provides highly useful videos where he explains cures, diets and treatments for various common diseases such as diabetes, asthma and many more. He runs a website called anatomictherapy.org and also has a famous clinic in chennai to cure patients.


Healer Baskar is famous for giving health therapy speeches that have proved to cure many patients in tamil nadu. He prefers his treatments as DIY Self treatments without spending any fees for doctors and medicines.

In his website, he mentions the same thing as “Healing through hearing” which is free of cost and he conducts workshops, sessions, live videos every day at colleges, schools and media programmes.

He has also recorded them and made into DVD’s/ Videos which are available on his website below

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All his VIDEOS Recordings can be accessed at the below link :


If you wish to subscribe his youtube channel, you can visit here:


Healer Baskar can be contacted on facebook here:


You can call healer baskar anytime to his mobile at:


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