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Getting to Know the Top 10 Food Brands in India

It is an undeniable thing that the food industry in India has grown rapidly during the recent years. This can be confirmed by the great numbers of food companies that are sprouting within the country. As a matter of fact, India is known to be as the world’s second largest producer of food. These food companies utilize the latest technologies in food processing to make sure that the demands and ever-discriminating taste of modern day Indian customers are met and satisfied.

List of India’s Top 10 Food Brands

What is good news to Indian people is the fact that the country’s food processing industry is hugely dominated by local companies. There are only a few multinational brands that are playing on top of the market. This goes to show that local food processing businesses in India are able to compete not just locally, but also worldwide. Here are the most preferred and top selling food brands in the country:

10. Kohinoor Foods

Kohinoor Foods is another rice brand that completes the list of top 10 food brands in India. Owned by Kohinoor Foods Limited, the company sells ready-to-eat meals and curries, ready-made gravies, chutney’s, cooking pastas, seasonings, and spices other than being famous with manufacturing basmati rice, healthy grains, breads, and edible oils. Such products largely contributed for the last year’s net revenues of 1,158.97 Rs. cr.

9. LT Foods

LT Foods, also a leading rice processing company in India, was founded in 1990. This company based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, is the producer of the popular Daawat rice series. Among their leading rice brands include Daawat Pulao, Daawat Biryani, Daawat Brown, Rozana Rice Super 90, Rozana Gold, and Devaaya basmati rice. During the previous year, LT Foods reported a revenues of around 1,821.64 Rs. cr net. Perhaps, people in India are one of those that eat a lot of rice compared to the rest of the world.

8. Rei Agro

When it comes to basmati rice processing and marketing, India’s Rei Agro Limited is considered as the largest company in the world. Rei Agro’s headquarters is nestled in Kolkatta, West Bengal, India. The world’s largest basmati rice producer was founded in 1996. Raindrop rice series, one of the widely known rice brand in India, is the company’s best seller, helping them rake a net sales of 1,855.77 Rs. Cr the past year.

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7. Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods Limited is also one of the largest private sector companies in southern India. It was way back in the year 1992 when it was founded, and is currently based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This dairy processing division, which is engaged in dairy, grocery retail, and agricultural business, is the flagship of the Heritage Group, earning them a net sales valued 2,072.97 Rs. cr. last year.

6. Hatsun Agro

Hatsun Agro Products has its corporate headquarters built in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has become the country’s largest private sector dairy product manufacturer since it was founded. Its foundation year can be traced back in the year 1986. Their many different dairy products the company sells made it report a net sales of 2,933.09 Rs. cr in the previous year.


Eating rice seemed to be very popular in India too. KRBL is known to the world as a basmati rice processing company. Its flagship product, the India Gate basmati rice, alongside with it other brands, such as Taj Mahal Tilla, Bemisal, Lotus, Doon, and Nur Jahan, are not only famous in India but also to the world. The company was founded in the year 1889 and has a recent reported net sales of 3,113.01 Rs. cr.

4. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

The consumer healthcare division of GSK, a British pharmaceutical company founded in 2000, which earned 4,307.59 Rs. Cr net, sells Boost and Horlicks health drinks. Such popular health drinks were actually made especially for kids. The subsidiary company also sells oral healthcare products like Sensodyne and Maclean’s toothpastes, and Aquafresh.

3. Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall’s is a frozen dessert brand subsidiary owned by Hindustan Unilever, a consumer goods company based in India. It is a very famous ice cream brand in the country, with well-known products including Cornetto, Cassatta, Feast, Fruttare, and Creamy Delights. This company that was founded in 1956 and based Mumbai, Maharashtra in India, has posted 5,269.17 Rs. cr net revenues lately. Surely, Indian customers, just like the rest in the world, love ice creams not just for dessert.

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2. Britannia

Posting a 7,175 Rs. cr net revenues says it all why Britannia is one of the most chosen food brands in India. With headquarters located in Bangalore, India, Britannia Industries Limited, manufacturer of Britannia biscuits and Tiger brands, has an estimated 38% market share in the country’s food processing industry. Britannia, founded in 1892, is actually India’s largest biscuit products maker and seller. Among its popular food brands are Britannia Bread, Britannia Fruit Cakes, Britannia Crackers, and Britannia Good Day.

1. Nestlé

Nestle best food brands in India

Founded in 1866, Nestlé, a Swiss food and beverage company, is the world’s leading food company in terms of revenues. Maggi noodles, together with Maggi tomato catsup, Nescafe coffee, and KitKat chocolates, made it’s subsidiary, Nestlé India Private Limited top the list. More than that, the company also manufactures milk and dairy products, chocolates, confectioneries, seasonings, nutritional products, instant food items, beverages, among others. The company recently posted a net sales amounting to 8,175.31 Rs. cr. Nestlé is among the very few multinational brands in the Indian market that is in the top list.

These top food brands, in one way or another, are the most chosen by a lot of customers within India. Hence, they are also the best selling brands that are available in the market these days. Well, the reported sales figures of the companies that own these brands can say it all. In case you are not still convinced about the amazing success of these excellent companies, you can take a research more about them offline or through the web. Whatever new information you can gather, one thing is still for sure and this is the fact that they are the leading food firms available in India these days.

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