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Gatimaan Express vs Talgo Train – Comparison

The Gatimaan Express is a train that runs between Delhi and Agra. This is a semi high speed train which operates at the speed of 160 km per hour. This train is currently the fastest train in India and it takes just 100 minutes to cover around 188 kilometers. The Gatimaan Express begun in June 2015.

The executive class ticket costs Rs. 1500 and the AC chair car ticket will cost Rs. 750. The Gatimaan Express leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin 8.10 am and reaches Agra at 9.50 am. The train serves up vegetarian as well as non vegetarian meals in North Indian as well as South Indian cuisine.

Gatimaan Express vs Talgo Train

Talgo is a Spanish train manufacturer that builds high speed intercity, passenger and standard trains. In a recent test conducted in India, Talgo became the fastest train in the country. Talgo conducted test runs on the Mathura Palwal route. It is built on light and advanced technology which makes it better than most trains running on the Indian railway network. The second phase of training began on July 9th and the speed of the train was increased in this trial. Another test is scheduled to be carried by using sand bags that would mimic passenger’s weight. This would be done to check the train’s performance on turns. The next trial run is set to be carried between Mumbai and Mathura. The eventual goal would be to connect Mumbai and New Delhi with the Talgo Express.


While Gatimaan is still the fastest train in India with a top speed of 160 kms per hour, it will soon lose this status with the launch of the Talgo which will run at a top speed of 180 kms per hour. A per the initial testing, Talgo Express covered a distance of 84 kms between Mathura and Palwal in just 38 minutes. The next phase of the Talgo testing would see a significant increase in the speed by about 10 kms per hour each day.

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Number Of Passengers

Talgo Express Seats

  • Tourist End (20 seats)
  • Tourist (36 seats)
  • Tourist (40 seats)
  • Tourist (44 seats)
  • PMR First Class (22+1 seats)
  • First Class End (14 seats)

Gatimaan Express consists of 715 seats.

 Type Of Seating

The Gatimaan Express has a total of 10 coaches. 8 coaches are AC chair cars and 2 coaches are executive AC chair cars. There is a TV screen on each seat and a train hostess who greets passengers with flowers.

There are three tourist coaches, one bistro coach and three first class coaches. All coaches have arm chairs, super reclining seats and special coaches for passengers with reduced mobility. All first class coaches have a restroom and shower unit. The coaches are airtight and resistant to all pressure changes when crossing other trains of going through tunnels. The connection between coaches use anti overlapping and anti overturning system.

Safety Measures

The Gatimaan Exrpress is equipped with some of the best high end safety devices which include emergency braking system. It also comes with fire alarm systems and WIFI. It also comes with various passengers which include automatic sliding doors, television screens on each seat and train hostesses who greets passengers. The quality of food on the Gatimaan Express is a lot better in comparison to the regular food served on the other trains.

The Talgo Express is suitable for long distance, international and intercity travel. The coaches are lightweight and the weight per seat is extremely low. The center of gravity is also low and improves operating stability. The wheel sets are located between the coaches with a single axle, a variable gauge system and independent wheels. The wheel sets are permanently guided on the tracks that keep the wheels parallel to the rail on the curves and the straight. The main suspension is Pneumatic tilting that causes natural tilting of the coaches towards the inside of the curves. The braking system is also Pneumatic with ABS system. There is an intelligent computerized system for monitoring the safety controls continuously.

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