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Ganesh H Shankar Wiki, Age, Height, Bio, Worth, Assets

Ganesh H Shankar now settled in Bangalore, India. He was born in the small village which is nearby to both the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. From very early stage of his life he had been close to the nature and this grew the interest of him as a nature lover and to the photographer capturing nature in their photographs.


Ganesh H Shankar by a profession is an engineer and a part time photographer. From the childhood he is close to nature which makes him choose the photography of the nature. Earlier, he does the photography from the local camera than his friend introduced him to high end cameras and this brings wings to his passion. He undertook trekking, photography of landscape and of the nature. He loves to take the picture which could not be explained as of colors, lights, shapes and other interactions which touches the mind who are the lover of photographs. He does not give the special preference to any single thing as a subject of photography but as a whole to the nature.

He takes the photography on which he strongly believes about. He started his actual photography from the professional camera in the year 1994 and slowly it turned into a passionate form of hobby in the year 1998.  Ganesh H Shankar does all the photography for himself and not for the market. So he takes the photograph as per his desire and not bound to take the photographs. In his images one could find the unique impact of visual which make them unique.


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Ganesh H Shankar has done engineering.

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Moonrise over Alps

Poem of a Pendulum

Scale and Expanse

Crow and a Tree

Leaf – A Portrait

An Audible Visual

Tree and a Bird

Beauty of the Abberation

Tree of an Abstract

A Pattern with Circles

Uncomfortable patterns

Natural History and Art

Raptor – A Portrait

Sunset and moorhens

All is well, or is it?

Tears of a smile

Call of the Wild

A Pattern with Circles

Canopy Pattern

Birds in our world

Branch and a backdrop

And the winner is ….

Impression of an Expression

Notes in the Air

Feeding – Forms and Curves

Peacock and a Stork

A home amidst homes

An Ant and Immortals

Twins in a grassland and many more…


Wild life Photographer of the Year 2016.

Personal Info

Name – Ganesh H Shankar

Place of Birth – Small Village close to Western Ghats and Arabian Sea.

Dwelling – Banglore

Profession – Engineer and Photographer

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