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Freedom 251 Smartphone Starts Shipping

Freedom 251 had created a hype when it was announced for the first time, gadget enthusiast people all over the world were stunned to know that they can now afford a smartphone for only 251 rupees, which isn’t even $4 to begin with. A smartphone cheaper than a good pair of earphones created both good and bad vibes, and a lot many people complained how the company would in fact turn out to be a fraudulent scum. But none of those bad stuffs ever happened, instead, the company now starts shipping the Freedom 251 smartphone for worldwide shipping.

Mohit Goel, the founder of Ringing Bells company who puts the Freedom 251 smartphone into production and marketing delivered the first official shipment of the Freedom 251 handset to a 27 years old vendor coordinator of this smartphone named Ankita Birla.

Freedom 251 Smartphone Starts Shipping

And on a separate statement, Birla has expressed her surprise and gratitude. On her words, she had never really thought the Freedom 251 would be an actual thing and the company would turn out to be fraud. She also mentioned how spending 251 rupees for a gadget that supposedly has no future has made him a laughing stock in social meetings. Despite all the controversies like the Freedom 251 being a local rebranded handset and having safety issues on various aspects; she’s finally happy to receive the Freedom 251 smartphone.

Apparently, the attempt of redemption has gone well so far for Mohit Goel. People had accused the CEO of Ringing Bells as the next big fraudster and even suspected him of hosting o Ponzi scheme. ‘I have delivered what I promised’, said Mohit Goel, who seemed very relaxed and confident about his new endeavors while speaking with the press.

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The latest statements show almost 7.5 crore people had registered for the Freedom 251 smartphone, and Mohit Goel had promised to deliver 200,000 Freedom 251 smartphones to the people who registered for this smartphone in an earlier press meeting.

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