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The Voice India Kids 2016 Winner, Final Contestants, Judges, Online Voting Numbers

The Voice India Kids 2016 Date, Contestants, Host, Judges Voice India Kids started on 23rd July 2016 and will be aired every Saturday at 9pm on &TV. If you’ve been following the program keenly, then you will be eager to find out which contestant is in whose team. The list of the final contestants and the team they belong to is given below.


The junior version of Voice India also known as Voice India Kids will be hosted by Jay Bhanushali and Sugandha Mishra. With kids all under the age of 14 years, it will be their job to ensure that the kids are comfortable and sing to their full potential. Each contestant will also be trained under their mentor of their respective teams.


The coaches and judges for Voice India Kids are Neeti Mohan, Shaan and Shekhar. It is going to be tough to see how they manage to judge the contestants who belong to their own team as well the contestants of the other teams.

Final Contestants of Voice India Kids 2016


  • Riya (Team Shekhar)
  • Pooja (Team Shaan )
  • Shanmukha Priya (Team Shaan)
  • Dhroon (Team Shekhar)
  • Ayat (Team Neeti)
  • Pravasthi (Team Shaan)
  • Chetan (Team Shaan)
  • Shreya (Team Shekhar)
  • Neha Niharika (Team Neeti)
  • Ankita (Team Neeti)
  • Tejas (Team Neeti)
  • Bhavya Dewangan (Team Shaan)
  • Srishti (Team Shaan)
  • Nishtha (Team Neeti)
  • Ridipta (Team Shekhar)
  • Harveer Chawla – Raajma chawal king (Team Shekhar)
  • Jasu (Team Shaan)
  • Jahnavi (Team Shaan)
  • Kavya (Team Neeti)
  • Sayan (Team Shaan)
  • Charvi (Team Shekhar)
  • Mismi Bose (Team Shekhar)
  • Srishti (Team Neeti Mohan)
  • Shreya (Neeti Mohan)
  • Neha (Team Shekhar)
  • Shreyas (Team Neeti Mohan)
  • Ankita (Team Shekhar)
  • Bhanu (Team Neeti)
  • Shivam (Team Shekhar)
  • Anushka (Team Shaan)
  • Robinhood (Team Neeti)
  • Hardika (Team Shaan)
  • Sneha (Team Shekahr)
  • Rajashri (Team Shekhar)
  • Abhijit (Team Shaan)
  • Arnab (Team Neeti Mohan)
  • Divya Rani (Team Shekhar)
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After Elimination Following Final contestants are selected for Live show.

Team Shekhar Final Contestants After 22nd October  Episode


Team Shaan Final Contestants After 22nd October Episode


Team Neeti Final Contestants After 22nd October Episode


Who is the winner of Voice India Kids 2016 Season

Nishtha is the winner of Voice India Kids 2016 Season winning 25lakhs prize money.

Kavya and Pooja were the runner up who got 10 lakh each.

To Vote for your favourite contestants

1. You can make VMN Call

The VMN call codes of the contestants are as follows:

SL   Singer Name VMN No.
1   Priyanshi Srivastava 7330599806
2     Saanvi Shetty 7330599807
3   Srishti Rawat 7330599808
4   Kavya Limaye 7330599809
5   Vishwaprasad Ganagi 7330599810
6   Tiyasa Basu 7330599811
7   Nishtha Sharma 7330599812
8   Shreya Basu 7330599813
9  Mismi Bose 7330599816
10 Pooja Insa  7330599801

2. Next way for voting

You can SMS for voting.Company will provide every singer a unique short messaging no for voting which will be flashed in TV shows (“SMS Number”)

You have to type “SINGER CODE” using the sms service from your mobile no using any network to SMS Number 57575 (“SMS”) in the time duration which will be notified in that episode.

The SMS Codes for voting for each Singer are as follows:

Sr. No Singer Name Short Codes
1 Pooja Insa POO
2 Mismi Bose MSB
3 Priyanshi Srivastava PRY
4  Saanvi Shetty SAN
5  Srishti Rawat SRS
6 Kavya Limaye KAV
7 Vishwaprasad Ganagi VSP
8 Tiyasa Basu TYS
9  Nishtha Sharma NIS
10  Shreya Basu SRY

Each Voter can submit Voting Entries for a maximum of 100 times on one VMN Call Number or SMS through a particular mobile or landline number.



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