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When is Father’s Day 2017? | The Old Farmers Almanac

When is Father’s Day 2017 | American Spends on Father’s Day

20 luxurious gifts to treat your dad this Father’s Day

When is Fathers Day 2017? UK and worldwide dates and why and how it all began

Here’s How Much the Average American Spends on Father’s Day

When is Father's Day 2017                                       Much the Average American Spends on Father’s Day 

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and retailers are about to see some cash flow. As Americans prepare to celebrate dads everywhere by taking them out to dinner or gifting them a new tie, businesses expect spending on Father’s day gifts to reach a record $15.5 billion, according to the National Retail Foundation (NRF).

Most Americans, 39.9% according to the NRF, plan on purchasing gifts directly from department stores compared to the 33.7% who will order gifts online. A Father’s Day shopper is expected to spend an average of $134.75 on Dad this year, $8.83 more than in 2016. As shoppers get more generous, items in the personal care category such as cologne, aftershave and razors will become more popular, according to Proper Principal Analyst Pam Goodfellow.

“It’s encouraging to see that consumers are spending on special occasions such as Father’s Day,” said Matthew Shay, NRF President and CEO, in a statement. “This is a positive sign of strong consumer confidence heading into the second half of the year, and a good deal for all the dads who will reap the benefits.”

But, in keeping with millennial spending habits, most sons and daughters plan on spending their money on experiences rather than things this year, including eating out and travel. Forbes reported that additional experiences can include live performances, sporting events, and other social events. Planned spending on a special outing with Dad surpassed gift spending on clothing, gift cards and even electronics.

I’m still trying to milk Mother’s Day for all it’s special perks, but Father’s Day is approaching, so I better shift out of getting and into giving right quick. Dad seems infinitely simpler than mom— a new razor, a fresh pair of kicks, or a good bottle of Scotch might be the surefire ways to his heart. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t up the ante by offering up some luxurious versions of dad’s simple pleasures. A cool tech toy that will improve his golf swing, or bring his vinyl collection into 2017, or even a best-of-class razor set are all sure to please dad this holiday.

1. Put some grill marks on that steak

This pan can help dad get those sought-after grill marks any time of year, not just when the weather is nice enough to BBQ outside.

Staub cast iron pan — $99 on Amazon

2. A close shave

Elevating his everyday chore to something special is what a good gift is all about. This weighted, chrome-plated, double edge razor comes with extra blades, a blade guard and a polishing kit.

Shaveology Top Double Edge Razor Wet Shave Kit — $29.97 on Amazon

3. Travel in style

Water-resistant lining makes it practical for all of dad’s toiletries, but the military-inspired design makes it rugged and stylish.

Ralph Lauren Dopp Kit — $77.90 on Amazon

4. Summer kicks

You know that all the cool dad’s are wearing these leather high top sneakers. This collab with J. Crew has clean lines that are perfect for summer.

New Balance Leather Hi Top Sneaker – $95 at J. Crew

5. Great WiFi in every room (finally!)

This top-rated mesh WiFi system will send screaming-fast internet to every corner of dad’s castle. Now he can read all his fishing blogs in the basement.

eero Mesh WiFi system (set of 3) — $379.99 on Amazon

6. Keep the time and look good doing it

If dad won’t miss the waterproof feature of the Series 2, this more affordable Apple Watch Series 1 has all the bells and whistles he’ll need to stay on top of his notifications, track his steps, and even call an Uber.

Apple Watch Series 1 — Starting $299 from Apple

7. A personal valet just for his phone and watch

A charging valet befitting of all dad’s devices, this stand can charge his current-model iPhone as well as an magnetic plate to charge his Apple Watch.

Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone — on Amazon for $99.99

8. The spirit of the day

Get dad a great bottle of that something he loves with a gift card from this booze delivery service. From fine wines to kegs of craft brew, they have something for every palette. Sadly, this great service is not available to every part of the country. Check their locations to see if you’re covered.

See Drizly’s gifts under $50 at Drizly.com

9. Organize in style

Buttery leather and cord organization come together in a holy union of tech organization. This rugged yet sophisticated roll-up case prevents clutter and tangles while discreetly storing all the cables you might need.

Cordito Cord & Plug Rollup — $55 at This is Ground

10. Play the old favorites, and convert them to digital

This isn’t Grandpa’s old record player: The Crosley executive takes your dad’s favorite LPs and rips them into digital files for more convenient listening.

Crosley Executive Portable USB Turntable — $78.97 on Amazon

11. Hone those golf skills

Dad will flip over this sensor that will evaluate his golf swing and coach him to PGA glory.

Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer — $129.98 on Amazon

12. I dare you to show me the Dad that doesn’t love Nintendo

If you can get your hands on this highly sought-after game console, you’ll laugh your way through games like 1-2 Switch, where you can compete in cow milking, ping pong, and a shootout.

Nintendo Switch — $427.00 on Amazon

13. A secret decoder ring for his car

This device plugs into dad’s jalopy and makes it a smart car— use the app to add features like engine trouble diagnostics, crash detection and real-time vehicle location (so he can remember where he parked).

Automatic Connected Car Adapter — $109.99 on Amazon

14. VR video for anyone with a Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the most user-friendly headsets—a great place to start if dad wants to dip his toe in virtual reality. All you need is a Samsung Galaxy phone to get started.

Samsung Gear VR Headset — $105.92 on Amazon

15. Always know who’s outside

Let dad keep an eye on his castle from anywhere with this outdoor camera that’s easy to install, and connects to an app— motion sensors send alerts to let you know someone is lurking (or help you track that raccoon that keeps eating your garbage).

Nest Outdoor Camera — $174.97 on Amazon

16. The best new craft brewery might be in your own basement

KID: Dad, now you can brew your own beer at home, with the exact flavor profile you prefer.
DAD: Smiles big.

Pico Craft Beer Brewing Appliance — $799 on Amazon

17. Toy cars for the 21st century

This innovative game lets you take command of a robotic racing car using your mobile device. The cars stay on track as you race toward the finish line. For dads with kids, or even dads that never lost their inner child.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit — $149.99 on Amazon

18. Never lose your keys, or phone, again

If dad is forever looking for his keys (His glasses? The remote?), then Tile lost and found trackers are a true expression of your love. Clip or stick them onto almost anything at all, then a network of users helps you keep an eye on your things while you navigate the world.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker — Starting at $24.99 on Amazon

19. The frames make the man

With their classic shapes, timeless finishes and great prices, Warby Parker has taken the eyeglasses industry by storm. Get Dad a gift card and he’ll be able to try selected styles on at home for a stress-free purchase. Plus, each pair purchased gets someone in need a pair they desperately need.

Warby Parker Carver Frames gift certificate

20. The power mouse for power users

The Ferrari of mice: An ergonomic shape with unique thumbwheel lets you navigate vertically or horizontally without moving, and the batteries last for 40 days on a single charge. Plus, Dad can use it anywhere, even on glass.

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