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Dalai Lama wiki, Age, Height, Bio, Worth, Assets

Tenzin Gyatso, is known popularly by the honorary title Dalai Lama,the 14th and the current of his kind. Dalai Lama was brought to his title, at the age of two. He was the fifth child out of sixteen belonging to a farming family in the Tibetan Province of Amdo. On the 17th of November, 1950  at a young age of fifteen he was not only enthroned as Tibet’s Head of State but also embodied the image of the most influential political ruler, during the times when Tibet faced  occupation by the forces of the people’s  Republic of China. But when this resistance movement advocated by him collapsed in the year 1959, he fled to India and built over the foundation of Central Tibetan Administration.


Being born into a poor simple farming family was merely the beginning of yet another leaf in the book of the political history of Tibet. The Dalai Lamas’s have had influence in the major part of Tibetan Plateau.At the age of four, he was taken in possession of lamas to Lhasa .He then spent his childhood between Potala Palace and Norbulingka, which was his summer palaces, both declared as UNESCO world heritage.

His political reign highlights come into existence when in the outset of the 1959 Tibetan uprising.,he fled to India. He then appealed to the UN seeking for the protection of the Tibetian’s rights. This resulted in the passing of three resolutions intervening the Republic of China to respect and treat the human rights of the people of Tibet in the right manner.Along with giving birth to a democratic constitution he also opened the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

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He has been actively known for his political figure and philosophies maintained both as an international advocacy and in general technical, public talks.His international advocacy, where he got Tibet to be viewed as a zone of peace is one of the most outlined and key milestones in the history of Tibet. He is also considered as the Guru of Buddhism and preaches the same in large masses to impart his knowledge and beliefs. He has also taken it a step ahead and been a published author on Buddhism’s. He is a person who is keen on the science of world and the progress it has made over the years.

Along with his general political figure he also has clearly spelled it out and taken a stand in social matters like abortions, religious harmony,Animal welfare,Economics and environment.

Dalai Lama wiki


Monastic education from the age of six.

Marital Status: Not married

Net Worth: Not Known


Awarded the GesheLharampa degree, highest level of degree  equivalent to the doctorate of Buddhist Philosophy

Personal Info: 

Name: Tenzin Gyatso

Date of Birth: July 6, 1935 4:38 AM

Place of Birth:Tengster Village,Tibet(China)

Lives in: Tibet

Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig

Religion: Buddhism

Marital Status: Not Known

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