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Bigg Boss Tamil, What is Save Oviya Movement?

Bigg Boss Tamil: What is Save Oviya Movement?

Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya gets bullied by Gayathri Raghuram, Namitha, Juliana, celebs express outrage

Bigg Boss Tamil – 21st July 2017, Episode 27 Update: On Day 26, Housemates corner Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Oviya has become a new sensation in Tamil Nadu, thanks to the reality TV show.

The previous day ends with the housemates expressing their feelings of staying away from friends and family for one month in the confession room. One day 26, while having breakfast, Shakthi is seen taking a dig at Oviya when she says she would like to have more chilly in her food as Snehan and Vaiyapuri say it will help one get angry.

Sometime later, Julie asks Oviya to leave the room as she wants to discuss something with Snehan. She complains about having the stomach pain again in the night but was scared to tell anyone as Namitha was already saying that she was acting. While they both confront Namitha and Gayathri when they come in, they say they were talking about Oviya and not her.

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The fight for the day starts with Raiza asking Oviya to clean the toilet for which she replies saying she can’t, as the toilet is already clean. She went on to say that it is not necessary to clean again and again. The housemates fail to understand what she said and form a group saying that she is not ready to clean the toilets. While everyone say Oviya is triggering fights, it is actually Namitha who triggers Gayathri against Oviya. Both Namitha and Gayathri target Oviya and almost force the other housemates to join their decision.

When Namitha brings up the idea of not giving food to Oviya and not letting her use the toilet, he asks everyone to be calm for a day so Kamal Haasan will take up the issue during the weekend. But will Kamal Haasan reveal the truth to everyone and question their behaviour or hear them out calmly. While Oviya crosses, Namitha, Gayathri, Raiza and Arav sitting near the gym area, Gayathri curses Oviya. Namitha contiues to trigger Gayathri and makes her talk ill. Shakthi who joins them also forces Arav to not talk Oviya.

Meanwhile Ganesh Venkatram talks to Oviya and tries to fix a meeting with the team and sort out the issue. While Oviya joins the team for the meeting, Gayathri continues to insult her and talk ill about her. Oviya walks out saying she doesn’t want Gayathri to lose her respect because of her. Even when Ganesh understands what Oviya’s side, he doesn’t take a stand for her in the meeting. Wonder why her tries to solve the issue with people in person, but keeps his mouth shut in a group meeting.

Shakthi and rest of the housemates complain about Oviya to Bigg Boss and want her to be evicted from the show since she isn’t working in the house. He also appeals to the audience not to save Oviya from eviction. Looks like the whole team is targeting Oviya just like they targeted Bharani. Namitha later tries to stop Ganesh from trying to sort the issue with Oviya. She then talks in person with Snehan and pitches the idea of asking Bigg Boss to eliminate Oviya. The discussion on Oviya continues between Gayathri, Oviya and Shakthi.


The housemates are given a task called ‘Vandi Kadai’ to gain thousand points for their luxury budget since they have lost all their points in the previous task. The south Indian team consisting of Arav, Ganesh, Vaiyapuri, Snehan and Oviya win the task. After this, Vaiyapuri as always is worried about Ganesh eating a lot. Namitha comes into the men’s bedroom and again tries to convince Snehan and Vaiyapuri to form a team against Oviya. She seems to be persistent on getting Oviya out of the house.


Meanwhile, Gayathri takes her vengeance against Oviya to the next level and goes on to pray to god with lemon to remove bad omen from the house. The housemates have a meeting about Oviya and Julie brings up a new idea that if all the housemates decide to evict a person, then they can be eliminated as per the rule book. Gayathri goes to the extent of saying not give her food and not allow her to use the toilet. When Namitha seems to be stubborn on getting Oviya evicted, Julie joins and says she will lend her full support.


Even while Arav has been clever enough to know that Namitha is trying to force everyone to not talk to Oviya, which is not right, he has not been able to talk about it openly to everyone, but share with the men in the house alone. Vaiyapuri also says it is not right to decide not give food for Oviya only in the men’s room, but doesn’t say this in the meeting. Arav also figures out that this whole fight with Oviya is because of Julie who has twisted facts, but one can only wonder why he doesn’t speak out in the open with everyone around?


Later in the night, Julie, Gayathri and Namitha get on to irritate Oviya and not let her sleep. After a little word fight, Oviya sleeps in a empty bed in the men’s room. Is Namitha the mastermind of eviction? Will Julie’s dirty games be revealed? Will Kamal Haasan take everyone to task? We will have to wait for tonight’s weekend episode!

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