Tonight in Beyhadh  Maya recalls the time when she tried to kill herself for the love of Rajiv. But the gesture where Maya gets ready to sacrifice her life for Rajiv, changes his hart. It makes him a changed man. He gets down on his knee and says that from now onwards his life is hers and he loves her with all his heart. Maya asks Rajiv to promise it to her that he will be hers forever and Rajiv promises it to her by taking her hand and kissing it.

Meanwhile Suman asks Saanjh if she trusts Samay. Saanjh says that she knows Samay too well and he will never be able to break her trust. Suman assures it to Saanjh that her father loved Samay and he trusted him a lot. Her mother gives some marriage tips to her and asks her to keep Samay in control just like she did with her husband Prem. Suddenly Saanjh hugs Suman and tells her that she doesn’t want to get married. Suman tells sons that every girl gets cold feet before marriage but it doesn’t mean that she is not ready for this new step. Suman says that she has two step forward into a new life. Saanjh tells her mother that she has already moved towards a new life and it now depends on Samay if he is ready to move ahead with her

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Arjun overhears Maya telling Janvi her pain. Arjun asks her to tell him the truth. He says that he never wanted to have his doubts about Maya but he knows in his heart that Maya is hiding something from him. After asking her many times Arjun pics of Maya’s hand and puts it on his head. He asks Maya to swear by his life and say what is bothering her. Maya has a breakdown and says that she is sorry for the mistake she made. She says that she has done a blunder and she is very sorry that she can’t correct it. Maya says that the mistake she made is Samay. She goes on to tell Arjun his real name and tells him that he is Rajiv. Maya tells him that he is madly in love with her. He is very dangerous and he can do anything to get her love in return. She says that Rajiv trapped Saanjh just because he wanted to get close to

Maya. Maya narrates the story that 10 years ago Rajiv got obsessive for her. But at that time she didn’t knew that he would become so mad and dangerous. She says that when he came back to her life she asked him to get married to change because she thought that it would take him and Saanjh away from her life. (Also Read: Beyhadh 8 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Samay aka Rajiv tries to have his way with Maya; Asks her to be his bride)

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Saanjh keeps thinking about Shubh and tries to get him out of Samay’s grip. Suddenly Samay enters and hugs Saanjh from behind. He asks her if she says was lost in his thoughts. With Tears in her eyes Saanjh ask Samay where Shubh is. Samay says that he is getting ready to meet his dad. Saanjh tries to shout and tell Suman Samay’s reality but he holds her mouth and tells her that he knew that she was on to him. He threatens Saanjh that if she will speak a single word of his reality to anyone else he will kill Shubh. He says that getting to know his tattoo reveals his obsession for Maya but it didn’t reveal how mad he is for her. He tells her that it was not a coincidence when he met her at the London airport. He reveals it has been following her since the time Arjun and Maya have fallen in love. Saanjh questions Samay if he is the Puppet of Maya’s hands. But Samay says that he is not the Puppet, Maya is the one who is being played this time. (Also Read: Beyhadh 9 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rajiv tries to kill Maya and Arjun’s unborn child)