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Top 5 Best Noodles Brands In India

As we all know that noodles, which was initially considered a snack, had taken the place of dinner. Nowadays people love to have noodles instead of having dinner. Noodles are now having a high level of profit. Maggie noodles,  which has been dominating the instant noodles market in India. Maggie noodles is now having a tough competition, with,  yippee noodles as well as Knorr soupy noodles. There are a number of brands available in India and they all are having a tough competition, with each other which is totally dependent upon people’s taste. Maggie is harmful to our body when we started having it like a dinner because noodles can contain high levels of monosodium Glutamate which can harm our body very bad. The higher amount of noodles is very harmful, for our body because it creates a problem in our stomach which makes us suffer very badly. In India, there is a high amount of crazy for noodles. People love to have noodles every day, but they won’t know this can create such a huge problem in our daily life. In other word,  we can say that every noodle brand is playing a perfect protein India, but  the products are totally dependent upon people’s taste.

There are five noodle brands are as follows:-

5. Knorr soupy noodles

Knorr soupy noodles

Knorr soupy is also the another product of India and is also a product of Hindustan Unilever and has turned out to be the popular brand in India. Knorr is famous for its unique range of soups in India and is the leading brand for the same, but has earned accolades for its unique combination of noodles and soups that is Knorr soupy noodles. This product does not have any downside which the best thing about it. It has a different type of soups as well as noodles also which has a unique combination of noodles and soups which is called a Knorr soupy noodles. The  Knorr noodle range consists of mast masala soupy noodle, Knorr Chinese noodle hot spicy , Knorr Chinese noodle spicy, Knorr Chinese noodle Schezwan , Chinese noodles and fried rice. In India there is a high amount of demand of Chinese and India, they love to prefer Chinese noodles.

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4. Chings secret

Chings secret

Chings secret is another popular noodle brand in India. It is a product of capital food Indian limited. Another popular brand in India produced by capital food India Limited is Smith and Jones. But Ching is more popular one and giving stiff competition to the top brand noodles in India and has also become a finest competitor of Maggie noodles. Chings secret offers a vast range of products to its customer that includes Schezwan instant noodles, Singapore curry instant noodles, hot garlic instant noodles , egg Hakka noodles, veg Hakka noodles , paneer Hakka noodles and non-veg Hakka noodles. These all types of variants increases the customers need as well as this noodle have many types of variants that is why people commonly love to  have chings secret because this can satisfy many people’s tastes by having different types of the variants.

3. Top Ramen

Top Ramen

Top Ramen by Nissan is another leading noodles brand in India. Nissin is a Japanese company that introduced its first noodles in 1958 but entered into the Indian market in 1988. It is also playing a very great role in India because people in India  love to have Top Ramen taste. Nissin company is also gaining a lot of profit by proving their noodles brand in India. Different variants of Top Ramen noodles in India include Atta noodles, cuppa noodles, curry veg noodles, oats noodles, Scoopies short noodles and super noodles. Patanjali company is also started producing oats Patanjali Top Ramen and also  gaining the best amount of profit.

2. Yippee


Yippee is the second popular noodle brand in India, which has been produced by Sunfeast. Yippee made its way into the Indian market in the first decade only. People started loving it. Yippee is also having a tough competition among each other and also became a competitor of Maggie. Yippee noodles are available in five different variants; classic masala , magic masala , Chinese masala , tricolor pasta, tricolor pasta masala (creamy corn ). Yippee is also playing such a great role in India, children are now becoming a lover of yippee. They want to take it every day by ignoring their side effects. Yippee has also made its high craze in India and giving a profit to the Sun feast company by becoming a second best choice in noodles for the Indian people as well as outside in the country.

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1. Maggie


Maggie is the product of Nestle India. It is a top brand noodles in India. Maggie noodles has become one of the best brands with an amazing taste  for the Indian peoples. Maggie was the pioneer of Indian noodles in India. Maggie has almost given the high amount of profit to the nestle companies because this product still managed to gain some space in almost every Indian kitchen. Maggie noodles is also known to be the fastest cooked tasty meal in an Indian household. The downside of this product is it contains much higher levels of  Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) which is unsafe and hazardous for human consumption. Maggie is playing an amazing role with its amazing taste. Peoples in India are demanding for Maggie noodles because it is the one and only taste of 90% of peoples in India. Maggie noodle has made the topmost place in the top noodles brand in India , still no brand of noodle has become popular like Maggie noodle in India.





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