Best Battery Operated Electric Rickshaw (E Rickshaw) In India With Price

Now a Days E-Rickshaw is very popular medium of transport and a very effective substitution of auto and pulled rickshaw. Obvious reasons can be seen here to prefer E-Rickshaw, like low fuel cost, less human effort (in relation to pulled rickshaw), low sound emission and very eco-friendly in nature. Widely it has been accepted as alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG Auto. In context of India, it is highly in demand and circulation in small as well as big cities as it can reach to every narrow streets and corners where other mediums cannot. If you want to make your investment worthwhile purchasing E-Rickshaw, take into consideration few of these best battery operated E-Rickshaw in India.

1. Hero Raahii E-Rickshaw

Hero Raahii E-Rickshaw

-This model is recently launched in India by Hero. Being a highly innovative model, it facilitates comfort to travelers and drivers as well.

-It is provided with the features like Internal LED light for passenger, side curtains, spacious legroom,comfort angled inclined seat providing ease back support and theUSB mobile charger for driver. It runs on 1000 Watt motor, has battery capacity of 100AH and 55Ahaving capability to cover 90Kms distance on single charge. It has obtained all the required certifications from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

-Currently, it is priced in India at 1.10 lakhs (On Road).

2. Terra Motors E-RickshawTerra Motors E-Rickshaw

-It is best E-Rickshaw in market of India in terms of its weight division of parts and chassis fitted to it making is durable. It’s a product from a Japanese Company which with a strict quality control check of its product.

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-In addition to the basic features like LED light, side curtain, USB Charger and comfort seat, it is provided with USB charger, tool kit and bumper. It also runs on 1000 Watt motor, has battery capacity of 100 AH and 48Vhaving capability to cover 90Kms distance on single charge. It has facilitated buyer by providing finance facility up to 3 years tied with Bussan Auto Finance. It meets all certifications from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

-Currently, it is priced in India at 1.30 lacs (On Road)

3. Krishna E-Rickshaw

Krishna E-Rickshaw

-It is the product from a leading manufacturer brand in E-Rickshaw, Jain Power Corporation which is providing E-Rickshaw at very competitive prices in India along with satisfactory after sale service.

-It is the simplest model of E-Rickshaw available in India. It has 2 variants available in India named and featured as:

(i) XL 39 Model

Basic attachments like side curtains, hanging handles and mat is available but USB mobile charger, tool kit are not available. But, it has better built of tires keeping in consideration the Indian roads. It operates on 1000 Watt motor, no. of batteries used if 4 (high battery capacity) and 48V capable of providing 80 Kms in single charge.

(ii) Regular model

Almost all features are same as like that of XL 39. Its different form that in respect of motor which is 850 Watt and distance covered in single charge is 90 Kms.

-Clear details regarding is not available currently. It will be updated soon

Herein above we have seen details regarding best circulated E-rickshaw in India. We can select any of them on the basis of our budget, durability requirement, technical specification, additional features or finance support. All of the above have their own advantages and disadvantages. We can move for any of them depending on our priority.

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