Anil Bokil Wiki, Bio, Facts – Man Who Suggested PM Modi To Ban 500-1000 Notes

Anil Bokil, who is an activist and one of the members of Artha kranti Sansthan, was given only 8 minutes to talk to the Prime Minister and he in turn took more than 2 hours and the entire country saw its effect today.

9th November 2016 became one of the remarkable days in the history of India. The country wanted to fight corruption since decades, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a major step by announcing that the entire 500 and 1000 rupee notes will be scrapped from midnight and it will be of no use. It was a masterstroke played by the PM. But to play this stoke, there was a major hand of Mr. Anil Bokil who gave the PM this astounding idea. The entire country is thinking that it was the idea of the man who gave the speech, but you are wrong. Anil Bokil gave the idea of scrapping 500 and 1000 rupee notes and he has been trying to incorporate this since ages.

anil bokil

Things that are included in Bokli’s proposals are:

  • The radical recommendations, which include withdrawal of the current tax system and replacing the same with another taxation system, which will be single-point transaction tax.
  • The withdrawal amount to be 2000 rupees, as it will not attract any kind of taxation.
  • In one of his speeches, Anil Bokil said the prices of land, jewelry, houses and other things are touching the sky and those people who are earning money with a lot of hard work are losing the value. Hence he stated that the trend should stop immediately.
  • The high value transactions to be made only through the banking systems, which include DD, cheque, online and electronic.
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How is proposal will help in long run if the effects are implemented soon

  • The prices of all the things will reduce.
  • The people, who receive salary, will receive more cash in hand.
  • The purchasing power of the society will increase.
  • There will be an increased opportunity for youth in the employment
  • The loans for the banks will cheaper and easier and the interest rate will also reduce.
  • The land and property rate will fall
  • Society will be free of black money.





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Updated: November 10, 2016 — 9:18 pm

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