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4 Most Haunted Places in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The historic city of Bhopal is known for the architectural excellence but the ghosts and spirit stories are also very common in the city. The history of Bhopal has many weird and paranormal stories attached to it. There are many sayings and stories about the ghosts in the city but not everything is prominent and considerable. Here are the 4 most haunted places in Bhopal.

4. Shivpuri Fort

Shivpuri Fort

This is a fort that was established almost 2100 years ago by Vir Khanderao. However, the fort in the remote areas of Bhopal is more famous for the other reasons than the history. The locals say that Vir Khanderao was one of a ruler who loved to get entertainment and every day there used to be dance and parties. However, after long years, the fort is now abandoned and in day time one may only come across some reptiles there. But at the night, no one dares to approach it. There is saying that the dance parties of Vir Khanderao still continues at the night. The eerie incident takes place after the sunset and people have heard the sound and the music as well. However, the locals say that whoever sees the party does not return alive. This is one of the most haunted places in Bhopal.

3. Indira Gandhi Hospital

This is one of the most horrifying places in Bhopal. However, this is considered one of the most popular and better hospitals in the city. Many patients have complained about unexplainable things at the hospital which does not only look like paranormal but very scary indeed. Patients often refuse to visit the fifth floor of the hospital which is considered the most horrifying of the hospital. There is saying that ghosts of the people died in the hospital terrorize people on the fifth floor. This is one of the most haunted places in Bhopal.

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2. Bhoot Bangla

Bhoot Bangla

There is hardly anyone in Bhopal who does not know about the Bhoot Bangla in Bhopal. This is one of the most horrifying bungalows in Bhopal. However, the eerie stories of the house are bone chilling. People often have complained about the historical place for the paranormal activities. The house belongs to the Aggarwal Family in the Professor Colony. However, the sound and activities of this house scare people to the most. This is often considered one of the most horrifying places in Bhopal.

1. Dow Industrial Complex

Dow Industrial Complex

Dow Industrial Complex saw the worst industrial calamity when the Bhopal Gas Tragedy killed thousands of people within few minutes. The ghosts of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy are said to be present at the abandoned and burnt complex. This is considered as the most haunted place in Bhopal and people say that Dow Industrial Complex is still haunted by the spirits of those innocent people who died of the gas tragedy.

Bhopal is known for much beautiful architectural excellence and if you want to check out the haunted places as well. However, people with a weak heart should avoid it.

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