21 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai

Paranormal activities, unexplained incidents and beyond logical explanations are often considered as haunted activities. There are many places in the world that have abnormal explanations and these are considered haunted places. These places do not really have huge footfalls due to the scary incidents. There are many places that have such places in Mumbai that are haunted. These places have scary history and also troubled past. Here are the 21 places in Mumbai that are haunted.

21. Ashvirwaad


This is the house of famous Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna. The yesteryear superstar bought this house in carter road from Rajendra Kumar. The late superstar was initially happy in this so called cursed house. However, his marriage fell out and his career also declined. He remained sick and lonely most of his life before having an ignorant death. It is said that the cursed house influenced all the negativity in his life. The house is now under many dispute.

20. Khamathipura Brothel

Khamathipura Brothel

Khamathipura Brothel is known as one of the most haunted places in the city of Mumbai. The past history of this place can be heard from the colonial time. The brothel was known as White Gulley because of the presence of the white women from Europe and Japan. It is said that a prostitute died here and ever since her spirit is moving here and there in the brothel and scred many. This remains one of the most haunted places in the Mumbai.

19. IC Colony

IC Colony

This is the colony in Borivali in Mumbai. The multistory building is a place of many families. However, something strange happened here when a gardener committed suicide here fearing losing his job in the garden in front of the building. However, since then haunted activities are seen in IC colony. Children often complained about paranormal activities here in the garden.

18. Jogeshwari, 2nd Floor

Jogeshwari, 2nd Floor

An airhostess was murdered at the 2nd floor and since then the pink building in Mumbai has been haunted. Many people have said that they hear the sound of cry of that woman. People say that the ghost of that woman can also be seen in the terrace of the 2nd floor. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

17. SNDT College

SNDT College

This Girls’ college is known for strange and mysterious sound that is heard at night. The recitation of the multiplications of the tables at the night around 2 AM is reportedly heard. This is considered one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. Even though no one has seen anything but that sounds are enough to scare people.

16. Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters

pawan hans

The Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. A woman named Salma died by setting her on fire in around 1989. It is said that since then the ghost of the woman keeps floating here and there. Many people have seen the fire ghost there. The residents have also built a Hanuman Temple there to get rid of the ghost.

15. Santa Cruz West

Santa Cruz West

This is one of the strangest haunted places in Mumbai. People here name the ghost as the 2nd Floor ki Bhabiji. It is said that a woman committed suicide after fight with her husband and since then her ghost moves here and there. People are so scared that they do not even name her. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

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14. Ram Sakit Building

The Ram Sakit Building is also a strange haunted place. It is said that an old woman died unexpectedly as she fell down in the well. However, since then her ghost comes back in every new moon light. The woman died some 20 years ago but her ghost can still be felt at Mahim. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

13. Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel

The chief architect of the hotel said to have committed suicide and often said that he still resides in the hotel. It is said that he remains at some particular places in the magnificent hotel but he is said to be a harmless ghost. However, this is one of the most haunted places especially considering the stature of the hotel.

12. Poonam Chambers

Poonam Chambers

This is the place where many people died during the 1993 Bomb Blasts. Even today, the watchmen and security guards say that paranormal activities are found in this building. People say that there are many spirits here who died unexpectedly in the cruel bomb blast in Mumbai. This is one of the most horrifying and haunted places in the city.

11. Grand Paradi Towers, 8th Floor

Grand Paradi Towers, 8th Floor

This is one of the most posh areas in Mumbai and the building in Malavar Hills is known for the paranormal activities. Many people from this building have jumped to their deaths. The residents of the building say that there are evil spirits and still there are flats vacant here at the building. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

10. St Baptist Church

St Baptist Church

The church in Andheri is one of the oldest and was built in 1579. However, the church was later abandoned in 1840 due the epidemic. A bride ghost was often heard here and the horrifying tales of the church have astonished many. An exorcism was also conducted here in 1977 and the tales of it are even more horrifying. There were splashes in the nearby pond and people even heard screaming. The story of the St Baptist Church is also famous because all the fishes in the pond died during the exorcism.

9. Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court

One may get astonished to hear that but the Bombay High Court is indeed a haunted place. It is said that a bilingual ghost often torment people whenever there is a murder trial in the court. It is often said that the ghost of Bombay High Court is dangerous. This remains one of the most haunted places.

8. Road to Marve and Madh Islands

Road to Marve and Madh Islands

It is said that the road to the Marve and Madh Islands is one of the most haunted places. A young bride ghost terrorizes and torments people. There were accidents reported due to the obstruction created by the spirit as well. However, the road of Marve and Madh Islands is known for the natural and scenic beauty.

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7. Nasserganj Wadi

This is a place near the Mahim Railway Station in Mumbai. A young Persi boy said to have died as he was burnt alive. His name was Naseer. After his death, his spirit keeps an eye on his property and torments anyone who dares to mess with the ghost. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

6. Vrindavan Society

Vrindavan Society

This is again a posh area and is haunted. It is said that a man committed suicide here and ever since he has tortured and tormented people. Night guards and the other people have also complained the same about the ghost. This is one of the most haunted places and often remains in news in the locality.

5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The flora and fauna with the old caves make this place an amazing site to visit. However, the paranormal stories make it one of the haunted places as well. The security guards and the people visited there have often complained about ghosts dressed in white saree who obstructs the path of the travelers. The Kanheri Caves is considered as the most haunted places in the park.

4. Tower of Silence

Tower of Silence

The Tower of Silence in the Malavar Hills is one of the most scary places. This is the place where Persi leave their dead bodies after death for the vulture to feed. This is a belief of the Zoroastrian people and many people have said that many spirits move around here and there in the Tower of Silence. It is said that the Tower of Silence is so scary that one may not be able to go even during the day time.

3. Mukesh Textile Mills

mukesh mills

This was a British era mill for textile but now abandoned. A fire broke out in the mill killing several people long back and ever since it is locked out. However, the scary stories of this mill are not abandoned here. The Mukesh Mills was also seen in the movie Om Shanti Om of Shah Rukh Khan. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

2. Aarey Milk Colony

Aarey Milk Colony

This is a stretch of around 10 KM through bushes and jungle. But the paranormal activities in this area are no secret. People often narrate a story about a woman in saree who asks for lift and then becomes violent. A disappearing old man stories can also be heard here even now. This is certainly one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

1. D’Souza Chawl

D’Souza Chawl

This is again in Mahim where a spirit of woman tortures the local people even now. It is said that the woman died as she fell down on a well and since then she has been in and around the area as spirit.

There are many ghost stories and activities reported but these are repeated and very well known in Mumbai.

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