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10 Spectacular Bollywood Action Movies You Must Watch

Bollywood is one of the most popular movie industries in the world. And they offer a whole lot of variety. However, if there is one genre that offers a lot of thrill and entertainment then it is – action. These films offer several adrenaline pumping moments, filled with the ‘Dishooms’ and the ‘Dishkyaons’. They also offer lot of slick high-voltage action sequences. We see the hero with bulging biceps take on a mission, beat the baddies and emerge victorious. It’s needless to say that we enjoy watching these films gives you a chance to look at the guns, knives and other mean machines that provide the x-factor in action films. Here’s a list of top 10 Bollywood action movies.

10. Ghulam

In the 90s top-league actors starred in a variety of films. Aamir Khan made an impression by starring in the action film Ghulam. A remake of the Hollywood film On the Waterfront, this film revolved around a thug-thief. One can remember this film for Aamir Khan’s superb jump on a rail track before a movie train. In today’s age, CG is quite common, however, it was still new in the 90s this sequence was shocking for some and very fascinating for others. Aamir Khan also won attention for his biker look and stern face that gave his character a unique definition.

9. Commando – A one man army

The story revolved around an Indian Commando’s struggle to prove that he isn’t a terrorist. With high-voltage action sequences, adrenaline-racing stunts this makes for a solid action film. Not to forget Vidyut Jamwal’s perfect washboard abs and biceps made him the ultimate action hero.

8. Krrish

Doesn’t matter if Hollywood has its Superman and Spider-Man, India’s got its very own superhero and his name is Krrish. Starring Hrithik Roshan and directed by Rakesh Roshan, Krish is the hero who masks his identity and takes on evil. He is the guardian of the society. However, he also has a side that loves to enjoy life, just like a regular person. The plot of the film revolved around man who is raised in an isolated environment and learns that he is blessed with special powers. With its unique genre and fresh ideas, Krrish took Bollywood to new heights. The film had all the elements of classic superhero film: the stunts performed in air, the double life lived by the hero and the superb use of CG.

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7. Company

Director Ram Gopal Varma directed some of Bollywood’s most gripping action films. One of his well-known films is Company. Hailed as a cult classic, this film shone light on the lives of gangster and their underground world. The film had characters mouthing filthy language, murderers with some exceptional performance by Mohanlal, Ajay Devgn and Vivek Oberoi. The film won critical acclaim at many film festivals including the New York Asian Film Festival.

6. Robot

Rajinikanth is the hailed as the superstar of India and it can also be said that Robot is easily one of his best films of this decade. Directed by Shankar, Robot (Enthiran in Tamil) can be deemed as the best sci-fi film India has made. With breathtaking special effects and terrific CG, Robot introduced unique stunt and action sequences to Indian audience. Rajinikanth’s dual role is the film was what made the film in incredible watch.

5. Singham

A remake of the Tamil film Singam, director Rohit Shetty’s Singham saw Ajay Devgn portraying the role of police offer. Flaunting his six pack abs, and the moustache, Ajay Devgn fit the bill perfectly. The plot of the film revolved around a police officer who is transferred to a city to take on new tasks and challenges. The raw and whistle-worthy action sequences and the style of dealing with criminals made the film look realistic. The punches, the chase sequences and the scenes featuring cars blowing up made this a paisa-vasool entertainer. After all what’s a Rohit Shetty film without physics-defying stunts? They definitely add some spunk to an action film.

4. EK Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger revolved around the life of an intelligence officer and the challenges his faces when he falls in love with an ISI agent. Shot in beautiful locations, this film was backed by a solid story that had long chase sequences with shots revealing violence in slow motion. This unique aspect enhanced the visual experience.

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3. Bang Bang

bang bang

Bang Bang brought an international quality to a Bollywood film. The reason behind it was because it’s a remake of the American film Knight and Day. Directed by Siddharth Anand, this action entertainer starred Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the lead. The two whizz through some of the most exotic locations dodging baddies. This glossy entertainer gave some stunning action sequences shot on water. Hrithik’s effortless performance along with his Greek-god like avatar made the audience admire him. This film is a classic example of a beautifully shot action entertainer.

2. Sholay

Sholay is unarguably one of the best action flicks made in Indian cinema. The film revolved around two men who set  out to take on Gabbar Singh, a menacing villain who threatens villagers and even harms a police officer. Gabbar Singh is hailed as one of the best on screen villains in Tamil cinema. The action sequence in the film along with the famous dialogue – ‘’Kitne aadmi thee’’ become a cultural reference.

1. Dhoom 3

India’s answer to hardcore action franchise is Dhoom. The superbly shot, visually stunning series consists of three films: Dhoom, Dhoom 2 and Dhoom 3. The last one stands apart from rest because of the breathtaking action sequences. From bikes that convert into motor bikes in water, to high-tech super-speed cars this film redefined the meaning of action. The film was powered by slick shots that made it an ultimate movie watching experience. The highlight of the film was Aamir Khan’s dual avatar that made it a unique entertainer. The mind-boggling magic tricks, circus acts and neatly choreographed chase sequences made it a thrill ride.

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