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10 Most Expensive Homes In India – Businessmen & Bollywood Celebrities

The valuable asset, home converts to luxury and posh entity for those who have millions in possession. For common man home is a place of comfort and protection whereas for the rich it is a place that symbolises expensiveness and built to provide them with a dose of living in paradise. Their houses provides the perfect meaning for heaven on earth.

The following provides you with the 10 most expensive homes in India.

10) NCPA Apartments

NCPA Apartments:

Situated in Nariman Point in Mumbai this 22 storey building does contain many apartments that are 4bhk and are sold at a price of Rs.29-35 crores. This superior building does serve as homes for famous personalities and divas.

9) Vijay Mallya’s residence

Vijay Mallya’s residence

This amazing White house in UB city Bengaluru is the residence of the lurid and extravagant business magnate Vijay Mallya. In accordance to his personality this home does make a perfect match. This building not only has luxury in interiors but provides a new outlook to luxury in its construction itself. This 100 crore valued residence does make it to the list of top 10 luxurious homes in India.

8) Yes Bank CEO’s home

Located in tony Altamount Road in Mumbai this amazing building values to Rs. 120 crore owned by the CEO of Yes Bank Mr. Rana Kapoor. The Ex-owner of the building, the Citi group passed on this gem to Kapoor where he has special plans to convert it to his special home.

7) Shashi Ruia’ home

Shashi Ruia’ home

Worth of Rs.120 crores Teen January Marg, New-Delhi contains the lavish bungalow belonging to Essar Group Chairmen Shashi Ruia and Vice Chairmen Ravi Ruia. This spacious bungalow is embraced with varied luxuries and is one of the expensive homes located in India.

6) Naveen Jindal’s Home


Naveen Jindal’s HomeThe politician-industrialist Naveen Jindal owns a very beautiful house that’s worth Rs.125 to Rs.150 crores. This expensive bungalow is situated in India’s expensive Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone, Delhi. This MP’s home does belong to the list of luxurious homes in India.

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5) Gautam Singhania Residence

This elegant looking JK house is the luxurious looking residence located in Breach Kandy, Mumbai. As providing par to the exterior the interior is overwhelming with health-center, museum and many more. This 30 storey mindboggling building stands as a symbol of luxury with 6 floors to be reserved parking.

4) Ratan Tata’s residence

Ratan Tata’s residence

Classy and graceful are the characteristics for this wonderful residence of the elegant Ratan Tata. With a worth of Rs.125 to Rs.150 crores this sea facing magnificent building occupies about 15000 sq. ft. Located in Colaba, Mumbai this three storey opulent residence takes luxury to next level with super amazing interiors and a lavish infinity pool at the top.

The first storey is accommodated with a spacious and grand living space alone. The second floor contains three bedrooms, a living room and a library. Built in with impressive media room, a bedroom and a sophisticated personal gymnasium this makes up the final touch of luxury in the residence.

3) Shahrukh Khan’s House

Shahrukh Khan’s House

The Badshah of Bollywood does have a splendid house salvaging his reputation of being India’s second richest actor. This exquisite building located in Bandra, Mumbai is named as “Mannat”. This six floor magnanimous building values to Rs.200 crores with a huge drawing room, exclusive library, personal gym, elegant swimming pool, office, guest room, entertainment room, a basement spacious car-parking area, and much more.

This noble creation contains exquisite and intricate collection of interiors that makes the net worth of the building to be 50 billion rupees. Altogether this residence is a Palace to heaven.

2) Anil Ambani’s residence

Anil Ambani’s residence

 Situated in Mumbai this building does provide luxury a different name with a cost rising up to 5000 crore rupees. This home currently under construction will do catch up with Antila. Elegantly named as Adobe, does stand high and proud fetching a name for its exquisite construction. This would also serve as another landmark for Mumbai after complete.

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1) MukeshAmbani’sAntila


India’s richest business-men does have a jaw dropping magnificent residence named as Antila taking the first position in the most expensive residences’ list. This is another luxury in Mumbai with an amazing worth of Rs.10000 crores. The chairmen of Reliance Industries does own the most expensive residential property after Buckingham palace. This Australian based construction stands with 27 floors and designed in such a way that it can survive 8 Richter scale earthquake.

Spread out in an area of 400000 sq. ft. this is considered to be the epitome of luxury in India. The interior and the amenities present in the residence obviously speaks modern and lavish. The residence is filled with six floors of car parking having space for 168 cars and a series of beautiful floating gardens. The building does contain three helipads. Packed with nine elevators, a peaceful health spa and an air traffic control facility. This residence does contain a cool dose for the summer called the ice-room that consists man-made snow flurries. Splendidly carved marble pillars and stonework does enhance the luxury of the residence. This also contains a piece of entertainment facility having a small theatre.

This skyscraper building is considered to be the most expensive residence in the whole world. This awesome residence does keep up the status of Mukesh to be the fourth richest personality in the entire Earth and provides an image to ideal luxury.

Obliviously this residence would be every common man’s future dream and to live in such a house is to be considered as living in the heaven itself.



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